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To the best of my knowledge, fatalities in Iraq that can be verified amount to 288,000. Of these, 206,107 were civilians. However, it should be noted that the true total is higher as not all deaths were officially documented due to the ongoing chaos and violence in the country.

Also, most of those who died were killed by sectarian violence which took place after the Saddam regime was removed. It is certainly not the case that all 206,107 civilians were killed by US or other foreign troops.

That said, a number of atrocities were carried out by US troops such as the Haditha massacre in 2005, in which 24 civilians were murdered in cold blood by US soldiers. The guilty soldiers were put on trial but ultimately all charges were dropped, leading many in Iraq to disbelief at the obvious failure of the trial to result in justice.

Nevertheless, I do not believe that capitalism, an ideology which focuses on economic activity, has any relevance to those deaths.
its nothing compere to what locals do to each other every day. "ongoing chaos and violence in the country. " have had nothing to do with USA, its all about power shift in this country and luck od support for democracy in all major communities .

by the way, do you know that Koba planed to occupy Persia and introduce in Persia commie slavery , and Brits & Americans saved Persia (much like Turkey) from the Marxist hell ?