CNN Host To Pastor: How Is It 'Pro-Life' To Pack People Into Church Amid Pandemic?

If you believe the science ― and I assume you are pro-life, is that correct?” Blackwell asked Spell, using the term adopted by many people who oppose reproductive rights. Spell confirmed that he is.

“How is this a pro-life stance to put people in jeopardy of contracting a disease, getting a virus that has no treatment, no cure, often has no symptoms and has killed more than [8,500 people in the U.S.] in five weeks?” Blackwell continued.

Spell responded that “people’s hope is in the House of God.”

“If they do contract the virus, if they have fears of the virus, the church is more essential now than ever,” Spell said. “There is a physician in Jesus Christ.”

“We were supposed to be at a million-and-a-half body bags,” he added. “We’re at 8,400. So the narrative is false.”

Keep working on that million and a half, Reverend, and we just might get there.