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Thread: COVID-19 - Local Response From Where You Live

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    COVID-19 - Local Response From Where You Live

    Many of us are getting some direction from those in power, the U.S. not withstanding. Aside from that at the local level we are getting more pertinent advice and local procedures are being put in place.

    I thought it may be interesting to share what is happening on the ground, where you live.

    I live in a small town outside of Ottawa. In Ottawa, if you suspect you may be infected, you are not to go to the hospital. Instead you contact the local health office. They will arrange a paramedic team to come to your house and perform the test. The idea is to try to keep this out of the hospitals. I don't know if this is still in effect because today a COVID-19 Assessment center just opened.

    At work today I was told to take home my laptop and anything I might need to work from home. I suspect that next week we will be advised to work from home.

    In Ottawa there has been 3 confirmed cases, not counting the PM's wife.

    What is happening in your area?
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    Re: COVID-19 - Local Response From Where You Live

    all of the "nice" city services here, such as the community gym and the weekend concerts are closed

    work has issued a work from home order for this country, I just contacted my local IT manager to see if I am named in any of the disaster recovery or business continuity plans and I am not. I work from most days anyway, so this affects me very little.

    state wide, schools are down for three weeks and gatherings over 100 people are shut down.

    I figure this weekend, I may decide to break out the deep freezer and get some stuff, but otherwise, it will be a lot of xbox time I suspect.

    Mostly I am concerned for my girlfriend who has compromised lungs from an accident two years ago. We will be stocking up her place this weekend so she can limit contact. We had a conversation about what to do if me or my son has a fever and other things to do if there is a disease concern.
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    Re: COVID-19 - Local Response From Where You Live

    We live in a small rural county between DC and Richmond. The schools announced today that they will begin operating M-W-F and T&T will be cleaning days. Not sure what the thinking behind this change.....Market shelves are less well stocked, as well.
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    Re: COVID-19 - Local Response From Where You Live

    Overall, Colorado has a low number of cases. In my county...El Paso...there are two.

    The State is taking very pro-active steps to provide information, keep people informed, etc.

    Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Colorado | Department of Public Health and Environment

    A large number of school districts and higher education has taken advantage of spring break to either close the schools for a period of time or to move classes to an online environment.

    Colorado schools closed because of coronavirus

    Furthermore, the Governor has ordered that any school that has a positive case must close for three days to deal with disinfecting the school and to establish social distancing protocols. Other orders were given that apply to schools that have more than one case and school districts that have more than one school with cases.

    Private businesses will make their own determinations on what action they will take.

    All in all, I think Colorado is doing a good job.
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