Does anybody still visit this place?

  1. idk
    so I was having a trip down memory lane and Whistlestopper popped back into my head. I decided to make a little tribute to it on Reddit. The post I made: and the reason for making this subreddit : internetgraveyards

    It's just a tongue in cheek "cemetery" where I thought anyone from the internet might come to pay their respects to old websites and friends etc that are never ever going to come back. If you guys ever actually check on this stuff, just stop by and comment if you want. Or if you have another old website that is long dead, make your own little tomb for it. It would be cool to see what some of you are doing these days.
  2. finebead
    I check in a few times a year. I still miss WS. The debate quality was higher than I find on the net today. Let me refine that, the quality was in higher ratio to total posts. Nobody over there seemed like a professional poster or propagandist. There are some folks on all sites these days that don't appear to give a hoot about finding the truth out, they merely want to spout their propaganda over and over. Why bother? This site has so much volume that it is hard to follow a topic, when from morning to afternoon they can add 20 pages of mostly empty propaganda.
  3. idk
    Yeah it felt like it had been half a decade since I even thought of this site, then when I came back on here I saw that I was still pretty active as of late '13. Weird. I don't really talk politics much on the internet anymore, after WS went down I never found anywhere that had comparable quality of debate (like you were saying). I'm going to keep coming on here every few months to see if there are any more updates from old WSers. It was hilarious when the site shut down and so many of us came here that the established community even took notice. Fun times.

    What are you up to these days? What part of the world do you live in?
  4. d0gbreath
    I am glad that quite a few WS posters have moved to here. There are way more forums here, but some just spell danger.

    I shy away from the ME, conspiracy, abortion, ...... pizza is ready!
  5. finebead
    I'm blogging about the stock market on FaceBook under "Rich Investing", just search for it like a person. If you "Like" enough of the posts, they show up in your newsfeed as soon as I post them. Any feedback is appreciated.
  6. Plato
    Just popping in. Don't post anymore really. WS was really great and there were people you could disagree with and have friendships with. Now it's just fratboys and neo-Nazis everywhere trashing any meaningful discussion with trollery.

    Hope everyone's well
  7. Dutch
    Well, Plato, I was just in awe of your posts. Too bad about ws. I miss the place too.
  8. USViking
    Yes I still visit.

    Here and the Whsitlestopper of my memories.

    As long as I live.
  9. Dutch
    Well, it looks like that makes two of us.
  10. Plato
    Good to see you Dutch. I very occasionally post as Heraclitus on PF where I know you post. Thinking of coming here as it seems a bit more serious.
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