Good times :D

  1. Jerry
    Picking cherries while gathered around the Cadre after having low-crawled the length of the parade field to recover the contents of a Warrior's unsecured locker, a Sergeant offered that if anyone could finish a song for him that we could go back to class. No one knew the tunes he whistled, so he offered another song. No one ever heard of that one either.

    "Come on Warriors, those were my favorite cartoons when I was a kid, the best cartoons, unlike that retarded crap they have on TV now like SpungBob...."

    Another Sergeant barked "...if anyone knows the SpungBob song sing it!"

    Without missing a beat we chirped back the SpungBob theme song with beautiful precision as if we'd been marching to it all weekend.

    Sergeant runs over to the class leader and I:
    "How the fvck do you know know that song but you don't know the rank of the commanding NCO of a Brigade?"

    Me: "No excuse Sergeant!"

    Sergeant: "Everyone beat your faces!!"

    Good times
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