VA Health Benefits

  1. TheStripey1
    Have you signed up for yours yet?
  2. SgtRock
    I have my VA card and I have used the VA Hospital here in Dallas in the past when I didn't have insurance. I do have decent insurance now.

    Several years ago I had surgery at the VA hospital. They did a good job taking care of me.
  3. TheStripey1
    I have found that my VA Health Care is far superior to what I used to get from my high priced HMO.
  4. Lerxst
    I've never had to use mine. I've been partial to my personal physician and just figured if my insurance is paying for him, I'll stick with him. There are plenty of vets who need the VA more than I do so I simply don't utilize it. Not because it's not good care, but because I fear for it's financial viability and ability to provide for my brothers and sisters who really, really need the services.
  5. UtahBill
    I posted already about this in the tavern, but there is good reason to post here as well.

    I have not yet applied for VA medical care as I am a retiree and as such I am already entitled to Tricare for now, and Tricare for Life when I hit 65.
    But the VA guy I talked to on the phone said I should sign up for it anyway.
    I looked at the form 10-10EZ, and it looks simple enough. I already finished forms 21-526, 21-4138, and 21-4142 and will mail them out Monday morning.

    Once a disability rating is established, a portion of retiree pay becomes tax free, but I don't get all of it yet. By 2014, retired vets will get all of their retirement and all of their disability pay.

    I encourage all veterans here to become aware of these benefits even if you think you may never need them. There are benefits available based on exposure to asbestos, agent orange, and ionizing radiation, as well as other things.
  6. Donc
    There are plenty of new benefits, as well as changes to the Priority Groups, particularly in priority group 8 from last year. If someone tried last year and didnít qualify, might be a good idea to try again this year, if only for the chance of coming under the VA drug coverage. Hereís a link.

    Relaxation of Priority Group 8 Enrollment Restrictions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (VA Health Care Eligibility & Enrollment)

    < On June 15, 2009, VA amended its regulations to expand enrollment of certain Veterans with higher income. >

    <Under this new provision, VA is enrolling Priority Group 8 Veterans whose income does not exceed the new VA National Income Thresholds. This change does not open enrollment to all Priority 8 Veterans. >
  7. UtahBill
    In country vietnam vets, important.....
    New diseases add to presumptive list....

    Oct. 2, 2009 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, after having the "clincher" symptom of tremors for about a year.
    Oct. 13, 2009, while searching for info on the net about PD, I came across a brand new notice that the VA has plans to add PD and 2 other diseases to their list of presumptive diseases, meaning just setting foot in Vietnam for 1 day is enough to get a disability.

    Unless you hate money, any of you out there with diseases on the VA list should do the paperwork NOW.

    At first, when I signed up, I was unaware of how high the proposed disability rating would be for PD. It appears that it will be 100%.....and that is serious money. Since I am also a retiree, I will get both the disability compensation and retirement pay.

    It is a proposed rule now, will be finalized some time this year.
  8. Donc
    That is the friggin agent orange,if you were in country for any time at all you were exposed to it.
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