Reloading topic

  1. finebead
    Any other reloaders out there? I reload .223 for accuracy and .38/.357 to save money. I have two .223 off the rack bolt action varmint rifles, a Rem 700 and a Savage 12BVSS, one has an 8 X 32 scope, the other a 36X. I shoot them at 100 and 200 yds off a mechanical rest.
  2. Dickieboy
    I do. Mostly .30-06 and .270win for target and deer hunting, some .45acp for 'plinking'...have stuff for .223 but not loaded any...sold the only .223 gun I had...kinda looking but not hard.
  3. CalGun
    I have a hand reloading package for my extreme bug out bag. Its for the 38/357 only and I carry enough powder, primers and bullets for an extra 200 rounds with about 120 live. I'm not sure how much weight it saves me actually but the space savings is there.
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