Gun Rights for Extremists

  1. Tim Cornelis
    Do you think everyone has the right to own guns, including commies like myself?
  2. lizzie
    Yes. If someone is a free citizen, they have the right to own guns.
  3. American
    The 2nd Amendment uses the term 'people', so I believe that means everyone. At the time it probably meant men who would generally form a militia, but it doesn't say men.
  4. RabidAlpaca
    One man's extremist is another man's freedom fighter.
  5. LaMidRighter
    The people have a right to own guns, they also have a right to their opinions and expression. However if anyone wanted to hold guns to advance a political agenda must realize that the other side also has guns.
  6. Justice For All
    Justice For All
    Of course as long as your not a convicted felon who just got out of prison I think every man and woman has the right to bear arms.
  7. Billy the Kid
    Billy the Kid
    Yes, as long as you're not a convicted felon, you have the right to own guns.
  8. Consistency
    The only people who must not have guns are authoritarians and other dominance-asserters.
  9. cpgrad08
    Even felons after they have served their time should have all rights including the 2nd restored to them.
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