Should Gun Lobbys be so closely tied to the Republican Party?

  1. WarmPotato
    There are certain republicans out there that have a bad history - and when the republican party looks bad, the gun lobby looks bad.

    For example, a certain someone supports Donald Trump and supported him in the 2016 election - and this person has a website about how, well (

    His name is Dick Masterson and he runs a website - Men Are Better Than Women, by Dick

    Because he was interviewed by The Young Turks and Dr. Phil, his website got a lot of attention and he's making 20K a month -

    More information right here -

  2. American
    What's your point? I don't get it.
  3. Kal'Stang
    Idiots will always support a "side". Doesn't mean that "side" is illegitimate or wrong just because they support it. If anyone tries to make that idiot an example of why not to support X side then they are just as idiotic and should be discounted.
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