Go Go Gadget Foreskin: Artificial Foreskins and You

  1. Tucker Case
    Tucker Case
    Artificial foreskins are probably a bad idea.
  2. WI Crippler
    WI Crippler
    Here at TOMP, we are proud of our heritage. Artificial foreskins deter from the goal of educating people about how people with mutilated peni (is that the singular form?) are just as good as the people who have their foreskin. We do not need artificial foreskins, any more than the Negro needs to bleach his skin white. We shall overcome the hatred and bigotry of those who despise our mutilated penises through education and tolerance.

    And besides, wearing a condom is bad enough.
  3. danarhea
    Is there a PAC for this?
  4. Jesse Booth
    Jesse Booth
    Unless they make a "Gonorrhea Green" foreskin, it wouldn't look natural on me anyway.
  5. Van Basten
    Van Basten
    Lol, I can't even believe that could be a thing.
  6. American
    Hey brothers, I just noticed this group. I understand fully.
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