In the gospel of bub......

  1. ReverendHellh0und
    would i be welcomed as a savior?

    As a priest?

    or as a drunk?
  2. bub
    Do you want to be the "announcer of the bad news", the "reader of the Holy Principles" or the "petal thrower"?
  3. Thorgasm
    Is there a poker night?
  4. WI Crippler
    WI Crippler
    What about Wet-T-Shirt night?(as long as IT is barred from participation)
  5. americanwoman
    Why the fuck did you put onions on the hamburger?
  6. American
    Do we get health insurance?
  7. bub
    hey it's MUCH better with a lot of onions!
    look at that

    only 3000 calories lol

    and no, you don't get any health insurance. Eating a single bicky burger reduces your life expectancy by 1 week. Maybe if you were a young chick I could heal you by apposing my hands on you, but I'm affraid it's not the case
  8. cherokee
    Cheeseburger in Paradise

    [ame=""]YouTube - Cheeseburger in Paradise[/ame]
  9. RedAkston
    A bar in Kansas City serves a Hawaiian Burger and man is it tasty! 1/4 lb. of ground beef, a slice of ham, a pineapple slice, a slice of onion and three strips of bacon. It's a veritable heart attack on a bun and man is it goooooood! Who knew that dead cow and dead pig could taste so damn good together? Maybe we can get science to genetically create the perfect animal for food - the pow!
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