Texans be proud and annouce yourselves

  1. RyrineaHaruno
    Hi I am RyrineaHaruno a proud Texans, and I am proud of my history. also was born here
  2. Schweddy
    Born here and damn proud of it.
  3. Cilogy
    not born here, but still proud
  4. hiswoman
    Lived here off and on growing up, and proudly living here permanently since 1989.
  5. Krasche
    Born, Raised, And Live In TEXAS, And damnit, I'm proud be be here, and be from here! I'll announce myself as a Texan til the day I die, no matter where I live.
  6. Captain America
    Captain America
    Texas born, Texas bred. When I die, I'll be Texas dead.

    My people go back to when Tejas was a republic. My grandfather literally had to plow his feilds in East Texas armed to the teeth to prevent the local Indians from stealing his plow horses. True story.

    Can't wait to retire and move to Florida.
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