Kepler craft reports apparent Planetary Bonanza

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    Kepler Craft Reports Apparent Planetary Bonanza - Science News telescope finds evidence of planets around hundreds of stars

    Surveying thousands of stars for telltale twinkles that signal the passage of an orbiting planet, NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has discovered a whopping 706 candidate planets beyond the solar system. If confirmed, that motherlode would boost the number of known extrasolar planets, now estimated at 460, to well over a thousand.

    The trove, announced June 15, includes evidence of five stars that have full-fledged planetary systems.
    “This is a massively historic discovery,” says study coauthor Sara Seager, a theorist at MIT...."
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    Were all those within the Inhabitable Zone MB? We have some maps up on Kepler. I think we can get them in here.
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    Here is a map of the Zone.

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    The Gould Belt.....

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    This diagram lines up planets recently discovered by Kepler in terms of their sizes, compared to Earth. Kepler-22b was announced in December 2011; the three Super-Earths were announced April 18, 2013. All of them could potentially host life, but we do not yet know anything definitive about their compositions or atmosphere.

    Planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft in trouble -
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