Welcome to this New Group!

  1. mbig
    Thank you all for accepting your well deserved invites.
    Hope to be adding content slowly but surely.
    If anyone has any other members to suggest, Please do.
    Any topic you'd like to discuss here only or about what's happening in a DP string.. Shoot.
    Or any Really Good images relating to the group, do it! or I'd be glad to help.

  2. mbig
    PS: anyone needing help with flat-earthers of any type should be able to call on allies here. If I can I will, others here I'm sure would feel the same about getting a PM to do so.

    And for me this extends to Junk/provably false economics like the scam 'Fairtax'. A specialty.
    Again, feel free, as there are constant breakouts from this Cult too.
  3. MMC
    Thanks for the invite.
  4. Checkerboard Strangler
    Checkerboard Strangler
    Thanks very much for inviting me.
    I hope my patchy bits of acumen in a few limited areas can be of use.

    My big axe is digital film and video production but I dabble in a few other areas as well.
    I am fascinated by alternative energy sources and electric cars, but I love muscle cars too.
    (even though they're most likely doomed for normal use in the distant future)

    I'm sort of a musician, gave it up as a profession decades ago but I am nursing a grudge
    that compels me to someday seek out a like minded bunch of fat, aging bald folks like myself to jam with.

    I am, simply put, a Recovering Analog Dinosaur who escaped extinction by embracing some of the digital world
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