the neuropsychological basis of police abuse of power

  1. Consistency
    Do you know why so many police officers abuse their power to act aggressively toward others, and organize into political groups which bribe the state legislators into giving them special status? They do it all because they are sociopaths who crave the sensation of dominance, and the dominance-asserting actions that fuel that sensation, and they become angered when anyone violates their sense of dominance. The sensation of dominance is caused by the neurotransmitter vasopressin binding to the v1a and v1b vasopressin receptors in the brain. Such sociopathic cops therefore have brains that are full of vasopressin and v1 receptors. It is a person's genetic alleles that determines the quantity of those neurotransmitters and receptors in the brain, in large part by determining the quantities of dihydrotestosterone, androgen receptors, serotonin, and various serotonin receptors in the brain, which increase the concentration of vasopressin and v1 receptors.
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