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  1. Kalle
    Bob gainey i s stupid.han är ett riktig dumbom sakkäring.he dont have any money left after he sign defence Paul Mara from rangers for over million dollara and Travis Moen froom sharks for over four million dollars. he waste money. this will be ok if they are good players but there are bigand move very slow.they say they like Montréal becuase this give them opportuiinity for stanley cup. sure they say this after gainey h e have the cheque. we cant win notheing with small forward and that i s what the guys are.ther dont bring good record with them.Cammalari is good and so i s Komaserik and Kovalev. Gainey h e need more guys like this to make our team a great team.
  2. NortheastCynic
    As a Bruins fan, the only move that the Habs made where I said, "Damn, good move" was the Cammalieri signing. The good news is that I already hate him, so I won't have to acquire a hatred for him for being a Canadien.

    As for the Bs, we've been quiet but smart. I like the Begin signing, I feel as though we'll likely trade Kessel, which is fine. I'd rather ink Lucic for the long haul and ensure that Krejci spends his best years in Boston than overpay for Phil.
  3. Kalle
    Bob Gainey i s stupid agaiin. h e lose 10 players last month and now he look for new players. he say he want to get a player for centre. then he wants to see what Dany heatley is in the team. Bob gainey allso look for Patrick Marleau he is intrested. Paatrick marleau he have good record and will be good for the team but then why is San jose want to get rid of him? Bob Gainey allso look to trade Andrei Kostitsyn one o f best players i n the team. i think Bob Gainey h e is crazy.
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