Queer People of Color

  1. Mr. Invisible
    Mr. Invisible
    I have had these thoughts on my mind for quite some time and wrote an article about it around a month ago. (What About Peace?: Race, Queerphobia, and America)

    What I wanted to discuss was the fact that there are LGBT+ people of color that are constantly ignored in our society. I am a black gay man, however I know that in the mainstream American society, the majority of people will immediately assume that I am anti-LGBT just because of my skin color. When we look at LGBT people in America, they are consistently portrayed as white while LGBT people of color are ignored and whites dominate the entire discussion, allowing for intersectionality to be ignored. (What About Peace?: Oppression and Intersectionality)

    So, I am thinking, how can we get past LGBT problems being a discussion dominated by white people?
  2. chromium
    Yeah, I definitely think there's merit to what you say, but the thing is attitudes are shifting so fast that it's difficult for anyone to keep up with how the demographics break down. It's possible that many black people themselves hesitate to speak up, not knowing that their opinion is now more acceptable. You cite, for example, the growing support by people of color for SSM, as the 2012 election loomed. There's still a prevailing notion that black LGBT face a particular difficult time and have to stay on the 'downlow,' that since 2/3 black kids live with a single parent, they are forced into a macho 'man of the house' role, and finally that black people are disproportionately church going. In particular this relates to southern Baptism, or so the theory goes.

    Your article is very good, but I think this is also becoming a non issue that is more and more identified with religion and republicans, rather than a racial divide. It did not help, however, when the Illinois legislator failed to pass SSM, supposedly because the black democrats decided to vote against it. Again, they might not themselves be aware of how attitudes are changing in their own communities. Your part of intersectionality is also interesting, but I take issue with when you minimize the middle class gay white guy's problems. "Other than his being gay" is a rather large qualification to make. Gay white kids are driven to suicide, lose friends and family, and so on. No, he's not going to get pulled over in a nice area due to his race, but you get a bit carried away in this part, in my opinion.
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