How do I leave this group?

  1. Abbazorkzog
    I've had an epiphany recently and I don't believe in the paranormal anymore. How do I leave?
  2. Jesse Booth
    Jesse Booth
    There is no more an escape from this group than there is from this meme hell of an existence.

    You shall never recieve the release you seek.
  3. Abbazorkzog
    Oh well. I guess I'm not entirely 100% sure either way anyway since there is no empirical evidence proving or disproving the influence of astral realms on the material (we remember our dreams, most of the time, anyway, or at least I do).
  4. Jesse Booth
    Jesse Booth
    It's not like mere membership in this group will get you kicked out of the high school Empiricist Club or something. I'm absolutely certain that nobody on here checks the clubs people are in while debating or talking with someone else.
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