The Future of Israel

  1. dadman
    The Future of Israel

    potentates from without apply heat .. constantly ..
    to the powder keg that is Israel . . .
    Yet as volatile as Israel is today .. far more explosive events are in store for the nation ..
    events you read about not in newspapers but in the pages of Scripture
    In The Future of Israel ..
    John MacArthur looks at highly detailed prophecies about Israel that came true ..
    prophecies yet to be fulfilled .. and the unique measures God will take to preserve His chosen people during the explosive ..
    deadly period known as the Great Tribulation

    The world’s future .. yes .. your future .. is inexorably tied to Israel’s . . . This study from Daniel 9-12 helps you see why

  2. dadman
    • Israel's Future .. Part 1
    • Israel's Future .. Part 2
    • Israel's Future .. Part 3
    • The Vision of Glory
    • The Reign of Rebellion .. Part 1
    • The Reign of Rebellion .. Part 2
    • The Great Tribulation .. Part 1
    • The Great Tribulation .. Part 2
  3. Red Crow
    Red Crow
    I am very concerned about the future of Israel.

    The present administration doesn't have the same relationship with Israel like the previous ones and this is very disturbing.

    I pray for the safety of this nation and it's citizens.
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