Seed starting

  1. can2man
    I start the majority of my plants from seed. I order from various places in Canada US and UK.
    My region is a 4a. I have a building away from the house that I insulated and put installed shelves for the lights.
    I use A variety of lights I have about 30 or so.
    Iím trying to grow two new poppies this year, the welsh poppy and a hybrid Himalayan blue poppy (lingholm).
    Both are perennials - will see how they do.
    I just had a hip replaced so I canít get at it yet which is frustrating but it will make gardening so much more comfortable for me. I usually have started my onions by now - will have to buy sets instead this year.
    Anyone else start their own plants.
  2. Moonglow
    I plant onions in the fall or winter, I just planted a few more today and have some green ones from last year. I screwed around and never planted any garlic last fall..I have an indoor garden for marijuana that I grow in the fall to spring.
  3. Luther
    I'm planting a Mexican Sunflower annual to get a jump on it
  4. can2man
    Luther, is that Tithonia? That’s what I call Mexican sunflower - I love them.
  5. can2man
    I grow weed indoors too. I use 1000 watt HPS for that - itís a fun hobby. This year I grew in a medium instead of dirt. Iíve never tried hydroponics. Still have over two feet of snow in the yard but Iím getting the itch itís supposed to rain today - hurray.
  6. Luther

    Luther, is that Tithonia? That’s what I call Mexican sunflower

    The red really pops when you plant next to Yellow Sunflowers
  7. LouC
    Hi! Sounds like a good group topic and I hope to learn some things here! I had a raised bed and bucket garden a couple years ago and did have some measure of success but I did more learning about what not to do than I think I did about what to do. I think I might be just in time to try to start some items from seeds up here where I live? It has been decades since I did any from seed gardening. But I have hopes to get some things started in our gardening buckets real soon. No raised beds this year, too much work and time consuming and I am just not in the best of health yet.
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