How is your garden today - and what are you planning to do there?

  1. Rumpel
    How is your garden today - and what are you planning to do there?

    I still have to cut down some plants in winter.

    What I enjoy: The flowers of the Christmas rose.
  2. can2man
    Mine is under snow. I was using the snow blower to put more snow over my munstead lavender plants we only have about 15 cm of snow. Tomorrow night it’s supposed to go down to -20. They are right on the edge of being able to survive in my climate. I collect seeds and have a room to start most of my own. I brought in a rosemary and am trying to winter it over - so far it looks good.
  3. Moonglow
    I planted a few potatoes from last season and it is time to plant onion bulbs from last season..
  4. Rumpel
    Tomorrow I am planning to plant a vine.
  5. Pippi Longstock
    Pippi Longstock
    Weather permitting I plan on doing a little weeding. I live in a Winter climate but it's been very mild this year so far today it's windy but the temp is mild.
  6. Luther
    Well, I let my chickens roam my garden in the winter to give them a little more room
  7. Rumpel
    Any plans for spring time?
  8. Razoo
    Container gardening plus conventional gardening ............

    Walnut trees make it difficult on a garden ......
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