Carpet quality

  1. Superfly
    I got two quotes yesterday.

    One from Empire Today. $3,087 for 1,500sf of 30 oz weight carpet with standard pad.

    The second was from Lowe's. $3,700 for 1,500sf of 40 oz weight carpet with their top of the line Memory foam pad.

    Is it true that the pad is more important than the carpet?

    And is 10 oz that much difference?

    I was looking at the 55 oz, and he said that it was unnecessary to spend that much more on that thickness unless it was like for a playroom and you were going to roll around on the floor all the time.

    I am not sure which one to go through. Is it worth the extra $600? I'm thinking it is for the memory foam pad alone, but the carpet seems to be thicker, so -- what do you think?
  2. Lord Tammerlain
    Lord Tammerlain
    The pad I was told will make less expensive carpet feel and last longer. I went with builders grade carpet and regret it now. On the steps we can see some of the material is wearing poorly after only 3 years or so
  3. Superfly
    Builders grade is what they put in our house when it was built. I was told it was probably about a 10 oz carpet. It's awful. And I think the pad is just as bad. You can't even feel the pad walking through the house anymore.
  4. Mach
    We went ahead and got the biggest pad, it made a big difference compared to a "one step up from builder grade" that we had before. I don't remember the cost unfortunately. I don't think ours has memory foam though, that sounds expensive. I think it was just a really thick pad.
    But you'll notice it I suspect. If you'll be in your home for some years, and you'll use that room, I'd say it's worth it at least to get a "really thick/cushy pad". House stuff often is worth it since you likely spend a lot of time there, if you are home a lot especially.

    Our builder talked us out of about 6 really big upgrades (!). We ended up getting every one of them after market, for 2x the cost. So my motto now is get what you want, today, on housing stuff, if you are planning to stay there for 3+ years or so.
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