1. Superfly
    Anybody have one? I believe I mentioned I have one that I got for herbs, and the herbs are doing quite well, so I ordered one a couple of days ago for lettuce. Apparently, lettuce does really well when grown hydroponically, and we love salads at our house.

    If my tomatoes continue to do well (so far, so good), we might be able to have fresh salad every day, instead of having to run back and forth to the store to buy stuff that has been in a truck for 3 days.

    If the lettuce does as well as I expect it to, my next Aerogarden will be for strawberries. I can't imagine being able to walk into the kitchen and grab a fresh strawberry, right off the vine.

    I wonder how they will taste? I don't have good luck with strawberries where I am from. The only ones I've had that have any flavor at all are Driscoll. The rest have literally no flavor. None. You can't even tell you are eating a strawberry. What happened with that, I wonder? How can you grow strawberries and not have strawberry flavor?
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