I am on tomato watch!

  1. Superfly
    I bought two small tomato plants yesterday. I brought them home, replanted them, fed them tomato food and watered them.

    As of 8:02 EST this morning, I'd not yet killed them.
  2. Lord Tammerlain
    Lord Tammerlain
    We have a garden in our back yard. The items that grow best are zucchinis and chives. We have pulled zucchini the size of men's forearms. Tomatoes grow reasonably well here. We have a short growing season here, we can not plant before mid May, and need to harvest by late September due to potential frosts occurring
  3. Superfly
    We have a long growing season here. Very long.

    I have chives growing in an Aerogarden sitting on the counter in my kitchen. They just started sprouting, so we are kind of excited. I use chives for a lot in cooking. We are also growing 2 different kinds of basil, 2 kinds of parsley and thyme.
  4. nota bene
    nota bene
    Super, do you have a death clock watch going for these poor little tomatoes? Think positive!
  5. Superfly
    I actually do .

    I posted on Facebook the other day, "I planted tomato plants at 8:04 am. It is now 9:30 am. They are not dead yet!" And then later, I posted, "It's been 12 hours and they're still alive!"
  6. MovingPictures
    Better put some mulch around those bad boys.
  7. Superfly
    Why, MP? I don't have mulch around them. Just planted them in Miracle-Gro potting soil, and put some tomato food in there.
  8. Superfly
    Oh, and they are not dead yet
  9. MovingPictures
    Ah, they're in pots? Then you don't need it.

    Just flood the pots once a day.
  10. Superfly
    The end of day 3. My tomato plants are still alive!
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