Wood-look floor tile used as countertop?

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  1. Superfly
    I saw this while goofing off online yesterday, and I think I am going to go with it. This is the look that I really got hooked on -

    My dilemma is - how do you edge something like that? It's flooring tile, so it's not going to have the edges like normal countertop will.
  2. Lord Tammerlain
    Lord Tammerlain
    That looks more like butcher's block.

    I would stay away from tile counter tops they seem to become dated very quickly.

    But the one in the picture looks great. I don't see any grout lines
  3. holbritter
    OMG, I love that sink too!
  4. HowardBThiname
    If that's tile (and it's tough to tell, but I think you're right) it's most likely porcelain, which is similar to ceramic but a lot harder because it's fired at higher temps. Most plank tile is porcelain because ceramic tends to crack too easily over long spans.

    The edge would be an issue depending on how long your countertop is. I think the planks are typically 48" long, 6" wide.

    You can cut porcelain tile with a wet saw and you can rent one from a construction rental store. The problem is that the cut edges will be sharp -- not finished like the factory edges. You can try fitting the cut edges together in the plane of the countertop, or you can put them at the edge, but in that case, you'll probably want an edge cap to cover them because they'll be sharp.

    If you decide to go that route, you'll need to replace any plywood/MDF substrate with cement-fiber backer board and you'll need to use a thinset mortar specifically made for porcelain -- not the more common kind used for ceramic tile. Same with the grout. Those look as if they're butted pretty close together. If that's what you do -- go with an unsanded porcelain grout. If you space the tiles 1/8" or more apart, use a sanded grout. And, if it's a kitchen countertop, I'd go with a dark grout because it will stain, even if you seal it.
  5. Superfly
    Thanks all - yeah as far as I know, this is tile (not sure if porcelain or ceramic). I hate grout lines, so the thinner the better.

    howard - the problem I am looking at with the tile is if I cut it, it's going to be white on the inside, and that will stick out like a sore thumb.
  6. Superfly
    And holbritter I love that sink, too! It made me start looking at copper sinks, now.

    Hubs is going to kill me.
  7. Lord Tammerlain
    Lord Tammerlain
    For the edges perhaps a metal trim piece like they do in bathrooms on the edges of tile work?
  8. Superfly
    That would actually look nice, too, I think - especially if we get something similar to what the sink would look like.
  9. holbritter
    Copper would look awesome!
  10. Mach
    That's nice.

    Although you'll notice they didn't show edge either. I found it on the internet on pinterest but also couldn't find more.
    I assume they would cut a piece of tile and lay it across whatever frame is underlying that tile. That would be why it doesn't show. Or a custom edge (as noted above). Edges on custom counters are usually pretty thick, I would prefer it to match the counter ideally.

    Also on sinks, the blanco sinks have a lot of color options and they are pretty nice. Not as rustic elegant as that copper sink, but a good choice other than the typical stainless or white sinks, if copper is impractical for whatever reason.
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