Wood-look floor tile used as countertop?

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  1. bubbabgone
    The grain has the look of Douglas Fir.

    You can get solid Doug Fir anywhere so even if it isn't you may be able to get the look ... and you can edge the hell outa it..
  2. OldFatGuy
    I covered the counter tops in my kitchen with compressed bamboo flooring, stained to look like dark honey oak. I used slim oak molding to finish all cornices, rims, and counter edges. Finished it with a rubbed in walnut oil for waterproofing and patina. Today you can find compressed bamboo flooring that looks like oak or other hardwood planking. When Bamboo dries it is one of the hardest woods known to man. After every six months I give the counter tops a quick stainless steel mesh rubbing, and a fresh rub of walnut oil. Every few years I give it a light sanding with an orb sander, and re-oil.

    Most copper sinks, actually zinc copper alloys for strength, come from India, including those with made in America labels, and unfortunately often include lead in the alloy. Not safe at all.

    I suggest you look at this if you want that vintage copper look. How to Make Stainless Steel Look Like Copper or Bronze | Home Guides | SF Gate

    I did something similar years back and it still looks terrific, no one can tell the difference without a very close look and the knowledge to know the difference. The grandkids ask why I don't get a new shiny stainless steel sink. I tell them I'm old and like old stuff.
  3. longview
    For the edges you might try a miter cut and use dark grout.
    Most tile saws can make a 45 degree cut.
  4. davidbarker
    Looks pretty cool! I am personally seriously considering wood look rectified tile as a countertop. It would be a DIY project, so I look for the tile saw here Best Tile Saw Reviews for 2019 . Keep you posted on the result.
  5. longview
    Hum!, edging, I want to say that my cheap tile saw from Harbor freight,
    4-1/2 in. Portable Wet Cut Tile Saw
    does a 45 degree bevel cut, so on the edge piece you bevel it down so the sides line up like a miter cut.

    You would use black grout, so the lines looked like grain.
    If it came out it would look like the counter was a think piece of wood.
  6. Thingfish
    You can use something we in the industry call a “hudee rim” the problem you may encounter is finding the proper size of that sink is a one off. Looks nice though.

    Vance Stainless Steel Sink Frame (Hudee Rim) for 21 x 24 inch Rectangular Sink 1S42124S
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