What is this?

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  1. Superfly
    What kind of tree is this? Or is it a tree at all?

  2. holbritter
    Are you in the Northeast? I'm not really sure, but I do like it.
  3. holbritter
    Actually, it could be a Crape Myrtle.
  4. MovingPictures
    It is definitely a Crape Myrtle.

    They come in lots of different colors and you can grow one incredibly easy, as they are low maintenance and drought tolerant.

  5. Superfly
    Nice! Something I can't kill! (maybe)

    Holbritter, I'm in the tail end of the low country, down around Savannah, and they are all over the place here. I've only seen them in white.

    Do they need a lot of sunlight?

    My problem is that my morning sun is perfect, but it's in the backyard.

    My afternoon sun (the hottest part of the day) is in my front yard, and anything there pretty much gets baked and killed.

    We want plants in the back yard that don't need that much sun.
  6. MovingPictures
    They're pretty easy.

    If its hotter than a mother****er where you live then some shade can help it, but they're pretty good about taking even the most extreme heat - like the triple digits.

    You should also look into Knock Out Roses, which are also very easy to grow in the South.

  7. ModerationNow!
    The picture is blurry, but it looks like a white crepe myrtle(?) I live in Delaware, and just noticed crepe myrtle in full bloom today.
  8. ModerationNow!
    Depending upon the variety, most crepe myrtle grow like WILDFIRE in summer if they get a decent amount of sun. If you want to grow something that's a little challenging, but produces lots of crazy-nice flowers of every possible shape, size, color and texture, that blooms for 3 solid months, then go to Swan Island Dahlias, and pick a few varieties of Dahlias you like, and order some tubers from them next spring. Or go to your best local garden center and buy a dahlia plant. Truth is, the best tubers come from dahlia specialist farms in Washington state and Oregon, although you can get pretty decent tubers and plants from some home centers.
  9. Superfly
    Moving Pictures - it generally is hotter than a mother****er where I live, for about 8 or 9 months out of the year.

    I have some knockout roses in my front yard. Two are vivid red, and one is more like a reddish fuscia. Very pretty. They weren't doing anything until my landscaper trimmed them back for me, and all of a sudden, there were roses everywhere.

    Told you - I know nothing about growing things, so I had no idea you had to cut them back.

    I have about 5 azalea bushes in my front yard in a grouping, and they aren't doing anything either, nor is the dogwood tree I planted 6 years ago when we bought this house.


    I suck at this. I have to get better at it. I couldn't get any worse.
  10. Superfly
    ModerationNow - I have to be careful about what I plant. I live in an area that averages a very humid 90-100 degrees for several months out of the year.

    I went a couple of years ago to Home Depot and dropped a few hundred dollars on plants, and they all died within 2 days. I took them back, and went to Lowe's, and they laughed and said, "Never buy plants from that place. They don't fill inventory based on what will actually grow in this climate. They fill based on what's pretty. Doesn't matter that you'll get it home and it dies." Lowe's helped me, and my plants have all lived. They haven't thrived, but at least I haven't killed them.
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