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  1. holbritter
    Good luck with them! I'm in zone 5a, so I don't think they would fare well They are beautiful though!
  2. Superfly
    I am in 9a. They should eat this heat up.

    I ordered some purple pampas grass seed yesterday. Going to try my hand at growing from seed. I have an Aerogarden in my kitchen that I am growing herbs with, and I am going to leech off the light and use it to start my seeds.

    I think that maybe 12 feet tall crape myrtle with dwarf pampas grass in the front would be pretty.

    If I don't kill them.
  3. Mach
    You can't go wrong with Crape Myrtle's.
    I have two of those, white, in the front of my house. Builder tried to tell me I needed color pop instead of white. I disagree, they look great.
    They also have a reddish one, that's darker than the pink.
    I agree with what everyone said, they are absurdly hardy/drought tolerant, and are hard to have look bad.
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