Dealing with WoW trolls.

  1. Jerry
    As a troll, I know that trolls are naturally cannibalistic. I am not immune from them anymore than other filthy casuals.

    When I tank I use an intro macro. Your basic meet&great to brake the ice. Part of this macro places the yellow star over me. A fellow troll will sometimes take this as a signal that messing with my star might piss me off, and puting target icons over others would likewise piss them off. Since you can't tell who's doing it, it's impossible to kick the offender out of the group.

    Here is a macro to solve that: /run for i=1,9 do SetRaidTarget("player",i)end

    This will clear all icons from everyone. If the troll persists, add this line to the end of any other macro(s) and forget about it.
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