What games do we play?

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  1. RedAkston
    Me - I play mostly Steam/Valve games of late. Team Fortress 2 is my current fave. I also have a beta key for Battlefield Heroes, but I'm not overly impressed with it so far. I've spent many wasted hours also playing MOHAA:SH, Diablo (I and II), StarCraft and Battlefield 2. I'm more of an FPS guy, but the occasional RPG does peak my interest.
  2. Tycoon
    Red Alert 2 has to be my favorite RTS. Halo 3 is my favorite FPS, simply because I was good at it from the second I picked it up. I can't stand CoD5, and I tend to hate people who hype about it. They say it's realistic that you can kill people in one bullet, and then I remind them that it's not real life, it's a video game. As far as RPGs go, Oblivion is a favorite, Fallout 3 is pretty good, when I was a little kid I was addicted to the MMO Runescape, but never could get into WoW.
  3. Schweddy
    I love CivIII & Unreal Tourney, just do not have time to play them. When I do have time to kick it, it is normally WOW.
  4. RedAkston
    I really liked CIV III and I may even have IV somewhere.
  5. Harry Guerrilla
    Harry Guerrilla
    I'm playing a couple free games at the moment.
    There are browser games, one is called Ikarium and I'm infrequently playing Americas Army.
  6. Renae
    Eve, WAR, CSS
  7. Harry Guerrilla
    Harry Guerrilla
    Vich you play eve? I played from the beginning on for about 2-3 years.
    Had 4 accounts before I quit playing.

    My main was Capt. Darius
  8. Zyphlin
    Current games would be WOW and CS:Source, primarily playing on Gun Game mods and occasionally Zombie.

    Play TF2 occasionally though not enough to be any good.

    Old School wise I still pop in Starcraft occasionally (Can't wait for SC2), Unreal Tournament, and Quake 3. Also was a LONG time player on Neverwinter Nights Persistant Worlds having just stopped playing on that back around Feb.
  9. Renae
    Zyph, check out teh OC Nuclear Fallout GG server, if you get good ping you might catch me on there from time to time. I normally just bounce there waiting for a slot to open on the Undead Vengence Warcraft server I've been on.
  10. Ethereal
    Counter Strike: SOURCE.

    Company of Heros.

    Day of Defeat: SOURCE.
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