Favorite bands

  1. falcata
    I'd like to get to know everyone's taste in music

    My favorites have to be

    1. The Band

    2. CAKE

    3. Buddy Holly

    to me they were and are all such incredible artist with originality and a sound of their own.
  2. Wiggen
    I'm sort of stuck in the 60's, with a nod towards some of the really good guitar players since then:

    1. Beatles

    2. Queen

    3. Led Zeppelin

    4. Dire Straits

    5. Creedence
  3. rocket88
    1. Led Zeppelin. What can I say, Jimmy Page rules.

    2. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

    3. Johnny Cash

    4. Jack White (White Stripes especially, but his production work for Loretta Lynn and Wanda Jackson was fantastic)

    5. Ron Hawkins (Canadian singer/songwriter. From the Lowest of the Low).
  4. LaMidRighter
    I listen to, emulate, and enjoy so much music that it's impossible for me to play favorites. However I'll give a favorites list a shot:
    1) Queen - Super talented, amazing performers, multi-dimensional, even their "bad" albums were superior.
    2) Led Zeppelin - So far ahead of their time it wasn't funny. The standard for experimental rock
    3) Dream Theater - Just in another league altogether
    4) The Ramones - Straight forward, ass kicking punk rock
    5) The Who - Just love the unpretentious blues, R&B, and soul influenced rock music
  5. falcata
    Nice. i love Ronnie Hawkins after all he is the one who in reality got the band together.
  6. RadicalModerate
    1. The Beatles- all around the greatest band of all time. If you don't like the Fab 4, you're a bad person.

    2. Pig Destroyer- no one does dark and disturbing sonic art like Pig Destroyer. No other band comes close to touching PD"s grindcore perfection; Repulsion made the genre, Carcass made it talented and Pig Destroyer made it art.

    3. People Under the Stairs- One of the few underground hip-hop acts keeping real and old-school. Who else in the game has named dropped Apache?

    4. Sun Ra- one of the most original jazz composers of our lifetime. Spanning decades, encompassing almost every style of jazz, Sun Ra & His Arkestra pushed the boundaries of jazz and music. A completely original musician.

    5. The Dillinger Escape Plan- New Jersey mathcore that put the whole underground metal scene on notice; DEP's the real deal. This line of a review of their Miss Machine album says it all "That's it, screwheads. It's over. Pack up your trunks, deconstruct the drum kit, and hightail it back to Athens, 'cause the Dillinger Escape Plan just handed you your ass, again...in the near future, rich women and fuddy-duddies will consider Miss Machine through opera glasses as sweaty children lash each other with cat-o'-nine-tails. There's nothing more to say -- the next true image of rock & roll has crawled out of the swamps of Jersey."
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