What sort of engineering do you do?

  1. Rainman05
    I'm an electronics engineer... well, not yet. But will be by the summer of 2013 when I graduate. I find the mentality of an engineer more rewarding then doing electronics since it helps me in my daily life more. That doesn't mean electronics is bad. It isn't. It's bloody awesome!
  2. RabidAlpaca
    I'm an electrical engineer. I used to be an electronics tech for power stations and field surveys back in the army. I'm out now and designing electronics for a small startup company. Electronics is the only thing for me, it's my true passion. I couldn't imagine doing anything else!
  3. Rainman05
    Great .

    I am passionate by electronics but I never considered it to be the only thing for me. It is however the forerunner
  4. finebead
    I'm not a formal engineer, but I am technical. I was a math major, went into computer programming, managed data centers, and then on to software development mgr. for an ISV (independent software vendor). In corp. america I learned a little accounting, have done budgeting, and as a private investor I have learned about financial statements and watched how corporations lie and mislead in the years prior to their bankruptcy or just stock collapse.
  5. Green Balls
    Green Balls
    I am a licensed sound engineer. I never tried to get into the field after getting my license since you pretty much have to be in the right place at the right time to make it. So I switched to IT and I'm working on becoming a software engineer. I have a hunger for learning.
  6. Dickieboy
    I am a mechanical engineer. I graduated in 1970 and started two mechanical contracting companies. The first was engaged in local (within 60mi) work; residential, light commercial. It employed 15-30 throughout my ownership. I sold it to an employee then started another that engaged in industrial and institutional work throughout the country. It employed 500 at its peak. Primary industrial projects included manufacturing plants (steel, appliance assembly, food). Primary institutional projects included university libraries, prisons, research facilities. The project farthest north Zanesville, OH; south Orlando, FL; west, City of Industry, CA; east, New Bern, NC. I sold this company in 2005. Of late I have been tinkering with small producer gas projects to generate electricity; small scale, up to 15kwh.
  7. longview
    I started in the seismic business, fiber optic seismic cables/recording systems.
    That led to networking,
    I design and maintain high reliability networks.
  8. Konig
    Mechatronics, recently graduated looking to do postgrad studies in mechanical engineering.
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