My name is Tucker and I'm an e-coholic

  1. Tucker Case
    Tucker Case
    I just can't quell the urges.
  2. Jerry
    Hello Tucker, be strong in the Lord bro, admitting you have a problem is the first step. Do you need a sponsor?
  3. Tucker Case
    Tucker Case
    A sponsor? Would that mean I have to change my screenname to "Tucker Case brought to you by Jerry"?
  4. Thorgasm
    I pawned my mother for internet access.
  5. Jerry
    You got the better part of the deal, IT, I can't even get her to do the dishes I want my money back.
  6. Thorgasm
    Buyer beware.
  7. americanwoman

  8. Birdzeye
    I haven't been here long enough to become an e-coholic. Am I in denial?
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