Procedures for the convention

  1. samsmart
    Kandahar mentioned something that I didn't even consider: processes and procedures for delegations voting on issues.

    I'm not even sure of which things to consider when coming to a decision on this.

    Off the top of my head, here's how things could be done:

    1) Any delegate can put forth a motion to the convention.

    2) Any delegate from a different party must second that motion in order for it to be recognized by the president of the convention. A motion must be seconded within 24 hours of its proposal.

    3) The vote for a delegation is entrusted to that delegation's chairperson, who will be chosen within that party's delegation. Basically, a chairperson will cast a delegation's single vote in all matters.

    4) Once a motion is seconded, it must be recognized by the president, who calls for the chairpersons to vote on the motion.

    5) A majority of 4 votes from delegation chairpersons within 72 hours of the motion being recognized by the president are required for the motion to pass.

    If we don't get a whole lot of participants for this event, we can substitute "participant" in the place of "delegate." So if we get few participants all we be allowed to take part in procedural issues but those issues will ultimately be decided by the fewer chairpersons.

    One reason for this is so that the chairperson can decide for themselves on minor procedural issues relatively quickly so the convention doesn't get bogged down by minor things.

    How does this sound?
  2. TNAR
    Sounds simple enough to me.

    I'm thinking we ought to hash out a rough timeline. Deadline until delegates are named, first draft of recommendations, et cetera.
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