How's fishin'?

  1. Crunch
    I live about 1/2 a mile from a small lake called Eel Lake. It has one small bay that splits off into 2 arms, each about 2 miles long and 200 yards wide. It's averages 60 ft deep, even 10 ft. from the bank and is loaded with nice Rainbow trout.

    This is my normal catch.... I throw back anything under 12 inches.

    I fish with really light gear, and once in a while something hits and just keeps going, or if I tighten the drag enough to slow it down it straightens a #10 hook. I had a skin diver surface a few weeks ago beside me and he said he saw 3 Rainbows over 10 lbs in the bay..... I'm thinkin' maybe heavier gear.

    Post your pics,
  2. Donc
    Them look good crunch, my dad used to do a lot of trout fishing; myself I never had much luck with them. I have his old bamboo fly rod around here somewhere, might break it out and give it another try
  3. Crunch
    They keep me busy.... I usually get 10 to 12 to the boat each trip, just keep enough for the wife and I for dinner, I also smoke them. (need lots of matches and a big pipe)
  4. Donc
    Zig zag wont work?
  5. Crunch
    Haven't found papers big enough for these.....

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