Destroy the Tea Party ??

  1. dadman
    Destroy ?? . . .
    so tell me C. Gerstle ..
    just HOW do you plan to bring about this 'destruction' . . .
    I'm curious

  2. dadman
  3. dadman
  4. TheDemSocialist
    Well as we all see it is kind of destroying itself....
  5. Wake
    So, how do you propose to destroy the Tea Party/
  6. TheDemSocialist
    Its destroying itself. Its pretty much donezo.
  7. GOPFilmGeek
    I'm glad its influence was as short-lived as it is and glad to see it depleting. The sad part is that I originally supported this nonsense - thinking it was some sort of alternative to the neocons. I'm hardly a neo-con fan so thought it was unusual to find myself supporting Dick Cheney when they clashed. What the GOP needs are more people like Goldwater or Rockefeller, with less tolerance for the antics of the anti-gay, anti-women crowd...or at least people who model themselves after Reagan and really mean it...the Reagan worshipers can start by doing things like not cutting taxes when it's the lowest it's ever been in 50 years.
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