Socialism ( so revered by the left )

  1. dadman
    Jim jones ( 1978 ) was a socialist/communist . . .
    just another example of this idology's fateful end

    Click here for audio file . . . . Click here for full story
  2. RyrineaHaruno
    And why do you call Jim Jones lefty? ahahahahaha. I would call him a sociopath who is more of a fascist which is a right winger.
  3. dadman
    sorry . . . jim Jones ( and his people ) were Socialist/Communist . . .
    ( his own words ) scrubber = 1:50 / 5:00 / 6:45 / 9:00

    maybe RyineaHaruno and I should take a look at what is going on on the streets (2010-05)
    and better the judge of either right or left being closer to this term: f a s c i s m
  4. dadman
    The American League Against War and Fascism
    was a Comintern affiliate organization formed in 1933 by CPUSA and pacifists united by their concern
    as Nazism and Fascism rose in Europe.
    It published "The FIGHT against War and Fascism"
  5. dadman
    The executive committee which did actually planning was known as the Natal Bureau.
    On 9 August 1935 the Bureau issued a plan targeting trade unions and religious groups for special attention.
    Roman Catholics were the first target.
    The plans targeted the International Association of Catholic Alumni, League of Catholic Men, Knights of Columbus, Catholic Association for International Peace, and various Catholic women's groups.
    Jewish religious, cultural, fraternal and Zionist groups also were listed as targets.
    Among Protestants, attention was to be given to the YMCA ministerial associations, local parishes,
    and adherents of the Lutheran and Reformed faiths, 'because of their German traditions and friendships.' "
  6. dadman
    placement . . . .
  7. Z3n
    Gnostic politics at its finest
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