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  1. Ethereal
    I don't think it's prudent to run off those with whom we don't agree with. Even if they are a Nazi.
  2. kaya'08
    I agree. But i don't consider your Nazi/National socialist humane, so id have to disagree about there being no exception. Thank you for joining anyway.
  3. First Thought
    First Thought
    I agree with Ethereal. It's quite silly to attempt to scare of those you disagree with, no matter what you think of them.
  4. bub
    These people don't deserve any respect, I would have no problem in banning everyone that claims himself as a fan of hitler or as an antisemite/racist/think that mass murders can be justified/think that nazi Germany was not so bad/think that there is a race hierarchy
  5. kaya'08
    I totally agree with you Bub. If Nazism and National Socialism incorporates Anti-Semetism in its ideologies which it does, and therefore all of its followers, then i see no reason why they should be here. Its a clear violation of this forums rules, and even if they do not openly say they are anti-semites, there definetly going to say things which show this, a bit like Strugs before he got banned. All they do is hate anyway. There is no room for these types of people here.
  6. moe
    I understand and respect etherals and Eofftib's point but I have to side with the group that says if they show up ban them. They have their own forums for spewing their hatred so there is no reason to have them here screwing up our forum with it.
  7. Khayembii Communique
    Khayembii Communique
    There's no room for these people anywhere. No-platform is a necessity.
  8. Wessexman
    It depends whether they are Nazis with the full agenda or simply fascists, national socialists and such. The former should be treated harshly but the latter like any other poster unless they show signs of actually being a Nazi.

    I'd include unrepentant Stalinists and similar along with the Nazis. I don't see how they are any better.
  9. kaya'08
    Isnt national socialism Nazism anyway?
  10. Wessexman
    Not necessarily. It certainly doesn't necessarily have the same anti-semitism and such.
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