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  1. truthatallcost

    Try not to laugh, I dare you.
  2. nota bene
    nota bene
    Still laughing after listening to other Bo Carter gems such as "Banana in Your Fruitbasket" and reading the lyrics to "Don't Mash My Digger So Deep." Just filthy, but so funny!

  3. truthatallcost
    nota, there's a ton of hilarious old blues songs on YouTube. One of my favorites is, You're Biscuits are Big Enough for Me. Weiners, biscuits and fruit baskets...we practically have a buffet theme going here. We just need some jam, jellyrolls, and pork chops, other words that were used for naughty bits in blues songs of the day.
  4. truthatallcost

    He can't quit those jellyrolls.
  5. Howard the Duck
    Howard the Duck
  6. OldFatGuy

    Not sure why I my likes aren't registering, but so far I like everything posted.
  7. OldFatGuy
    With Dr. John and the Vaughn Brothers backing them up:

    20 years later, a reunion show, Lou Ann Barton, Angela Strehli and Marcia Ball, ladies of the Texas Blues

  8. Howard the Duck
    Howard the Duck
  9. truthatallcost
  10. puukko
    I just love Buddy Guy

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