Regaining control of the Democratic Party

  1. annotator
    Ever since Bill Clinton moved the party to the center right we have been losing focus. The programs and policies that Liberals want simply get no hearing. The result has been a weaken Party both state wide and nationally.
  2. Kal'Stang
    And what focus would that be exactly?
  3. SeAnThOmAs
    The Democratic Party needs to go back to its roots as a working class, New Deal Party. Its needs to shift its focus away from identity politics and focus more on fighting for working people and the middle class. I also think that the party needs to rethink its stance on free trade and advocate more for "fair trade". The party needs to do more than simply talk about issues like corporatism and inequality, it needs to actually do something about these problems.
  4. Checkerboard Strangler
    Checkerboard Strangler
    I couldn't agree more. The New Deal is the heart and soul of what the Democratic Party should be. This country has never had an economy that blazed and screamed as hard and loud for the middle class as it did during that era.
    We've had "golden eras" for the wealthy at the top many times, but the New Deal postwar era was the zenith for working middle class families, and even the lower middle class had a leg up back then.
    Nothing in the last forty years since even comes close...because it CAN'T.
  5. jondo
    Basically a lifelong Democrat who voted for Trump in order to save the party through his likely Supreme Court appointments. The party needs an autopsy to remove the GLBTers and the Pro Abortionists Liberals from destroying any chance of wealth redistribution
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