Which Republican....

  1. Jack Fabulous
    Jack Fabulous
    I was just wondering if the group had yet considered which Republican to endorse for President?

    Right now I'm leaning Rubio. He's very well spoken and articulate and I think he would represent all of us very well on the world stage.
  2. American
    I don't know, it might be Trump for me.
  3. humbolt
    I've been leaning toward Rubio for a good while. I like the guy, and I agree with him more than not. Jeb's just getting on my nerves, along with a few of the others - Huckabee, Christie, Paul. I like Kaisich, but he's not the conservative he once was and he doesn't play well on the stage. Cruz has an image problem that the left, the media, and moderate RINO's have pasted on him, and I doubt he can overcome it.
  4. American
    Any of you guys willing to hold your nose and vote for Hillary and any other stinking liberal?
  5. Jack Fabulous
    Jack Fabulous
    No, I would not vote for ANY liberal at this point. Most liberals that I encounter nowadays reek of pot and patchouli oil and are, for the most part, incapable of performing any task which requires a disciplined mind. These people need to get out of the governance business altogether and stick to what they are good at... primarily smoking weed and living off of other peoples money.
  6. humbolt
    I noticed Trump was "reading" a policy statement the other day. He'd better memorize it, because the days of glib statements are nearly over. I like the guy, but hanging meat on the bones is another matter. Of note is that Hillary can lie off the cuff. It comes naturally, without notes or prompters. Trump will need to up his game to combat that ****. She's getting smooth. Bill must be coaching her.
  7. humbolt
    I noticed today that Hillary is behind nationally in the polls to several of the leading republicans. This, after her wonderful 10 days there. Here's hoping the next 10 days are simply fabulous for her.
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