Things atheists have said that you disagree with.

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  1. Anarcho-fascist
    Post things that are at least somewhat related to their being an atheist. For theists, the title of this thread is "Things theists have said that you disagree with."

    Harris doesn't seem to get that he is still making a decision that some things are immoral. The is-ought fallacy still applies. This doesn't mean that science can't be helpful in creating what in your opinion is a more moral world.
  2. scourge99
    There is nothing in common between atheists except a disbelief in gods. Therefore, there are numerous atheists who have beliefs just as silly or worse than a belief in a sky daddy or a savior who was tortured and executed to appease a deity. Raelians and scientologists, for example. UFO-ologists, astrologers, 9/11 truthers and all manner of people who believe in the occult, supernatural, conspiracy theories, or some flavor of pseudo-science.

    These beliefs all stem from the same deficiencies that cause belief in gods: critical thinking and skepticism.
  3. marywollstonecraft
    exactly. I don't understand why the fact I don't believe in God automatically means that I am in some kind of global "fraternity" with others who don't believe in God, and am automatically assumed to agree with everything other atheists say.
  4. Anarcho-fascist
    I know all that, I meant this to be an somewhat open thread for discussion of things besides why the other side is wrong, but still limited to the general topic area of this group. "Post things that are at least somewhat related to their being an atheist", was meant to further restrict the topic while still leaving it open. I know that being an atheist doesn't necessitate any particular belief, but I think Sam Harris would be less likely to hold the positions he espoused in the video if he was a religious man.
  5. marywollstonecraft

    well I get really annoyed with fundamentalist atheists. except for on forums like this ...

    If people are not pushing their religion in your face, a live and let live attitude is OK. If someone inadvertently mentions something, you can change the subject easily enough ... of course if they are persistent its different ... but I know a few people who will go on the attack if there is even a hint of belief about.

    IMO they are as bad as the fundies of the religious type.

    on the other hand, I generally don't mind it on forums. there's so many god botherers shoving religion down your throat that its probably a good thing they get some of their own medicine back.
  6. Anarcho-fascist
    Does "outspoken" = "fundamentalist"?
  7. marywollstonecraft
    no. in the context of atheists, "fundamentalist" means obsessive.

    and I mean obsessive, not just people who react by stating their position, or countering attacks on their position.
  8. SirPwn4lot
    That God exists? Seems about it.
  9. Anarcho-fascist
    Could you name an obsessive atheist, and give examples of their obsessiveness.
  10. marywollstonecraft
    There are people I have known personally really, so no one you would know. but the behaviours might be where they introduce religion into a discussion for the sole purpose of baiting. I think they are as bad as the religious nuts who just assume that you ought to be as thick as them and believe the dinosaur bones were plnted by the devil (or God?) to confuse us.

    I don't regard Dawkins as one ... although I sense he gets frustrated, I have seen a few documentaries where he has been speaking to people who believe (in all kinds of things) and he is very polite, respectful and asks good questions.

    I also don't regard Sam Harris as one.
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