Summary/Clarification of Assange's Legitimate Journalism and Alleged Misdeeds

  1. Surrealistik
    Per the title. Excellent antidote to much of the nonsense, and in many cases deliberate misinformation swirling around Assange:

  2. oneworld2
    Unfortunately , Surrealistik , these establishment hacks are the ones that have the biggest platforms and thus influence. The deconstructions of the smears and misinformation about Assange in the video are devastating but so simple when you think about it.There asre so many BS artists in the journalistic world who are happy to toe the line , keep their jobs and the money flowing in as a result. People seem to either ignore that dynamic or are ignorant of it and consider these establishment mouthpieces as " respected journalists " etc and the likes of Assange as the Devil incarnate in true Orwellian style. Thx for uploading this excellent work
  3. 3leftsdoo
    But wait - why would the plutocrats and deathmongers lie vis the MSM that they own?

    For money and power?

    That hardly seems cricket...
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