My fave Strayan speaks truth about Assange's major journalistic cred

  1. 3leftsdoo
    One of the bonehead attacks on Assange is that he isn't a journalist.

    Caitlin Johnstone begs to differ!

    The US Government Won’t Care About Your Definition Of Journalism After The Assange Precedent Is Set – Caitlin Johnstone


    As Glenn Greenwald has pointed out on Twitter, the indictment describes an activity that all investigative journalists partake in all the time. A source offers you some docs and you see a gap that needs to be filled, you will ask them to get them for you. A source fears they will be found out and you do what you can to hide their identity. That’s journalism at its most raw and dangerous and important. Check out the film Spotlight to see a fairly true version of what the journalists at the Boston Globe had to do in order to expose the pedophile ring of the Catholic Church. These high level crimes must be exposed for people’s safety, but the higher the level the crime, the more risk there is in its exposure.

  2. Thoreau72
    Caitlin Johnstone is another great journalist, a woman who tells it like it is.
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