Sacrificial Lamb, or principled individual protected by the rule of law?

  1. Thoreau72
    This seems rather the most significant, most obvious demonstration of the utter corruption of the US and western countries legal systems.

    Julian is comparable to John Peter Zenger. He has informed the public and angered the Crown. Spoken the truth and be punished for it.

    He has broken no meaningful law and has already served 7 years in prison. He has exposed the crimes of government, the highest civic duty, and has been imprisoned for 7 years.

    If there is a drop of dignity left in the US Justice Department, it's time to obey the law.

    But that same Justice Department lied to SCOTUS in the Reynolds v. US case, 1953. So it's a long shot that justice will be done to Julian anytime soon. I hope I am wrong.
  2. 3leftsdoo
    I hope you're wrong too!

    The sane need to make a stink about this - we're few in number, but can be mighty in voice!
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