Operation Unseat Apocalypse

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  1. Agnapostate
    Fellow wicked plotters...how shall this be done? I can try to take him down on Simon, Smack the Rabbit, Crazy Closet, Starship Legend, V;Force, and Asteroids. How bout' the rest of you?
  2. RedAkston
    He obviously has too much time on his hands. I'm also not totally convinced that there isn't some "3rd party software" running when he is playing as well...
  3. WI Crippler
    WI Crippler
    I'm going to beat him in the railroad game. I'm actually working on it right now.
  4. Agnapostate
    Yea, I suspected the same about the "3rd party software." I know for a fact that he cheated on the railroad game because I did the same.
  5. Gardener
    Sadly, I have an old man's reflexes.

    That is why I have to concentrate on the strategy games
  6. Agnapostate
    C'mon homeboys/girls, time to coordinate strategy. Do we have a D-Day set when we all strike and have him log on to discover himself robbed of his gold?
  7. americanwoman
    Let's go old fashioned and jump him and steal his trophies!
  8. Apocalypse
    Wow Agna, conspiring against me is one thing, making the group public and not invitation-only is just hilarious.

    And I deny using any 'third party' software, it is obviously pure skill and stubbornness.
  9. Agnapostate
    Pffft, we're like the CIA. We don't give a **** if you know about the skeletons in our closet; you'll get your regime overthrown anyway.
  10. Dav
    Hey Apocalpyse I found this picture of you at your computer.
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