1. Anarcho-fascist
    I support religious tolerance. To me "having tolerance toward" and "tolerating" are synonymous terms. However, when some people say we should "tolerate" religion they seem to mean "respect out of proportion to any other type of opinion".
  2. dadman
    Consider yourself tolerated.
  3. Anarcho-fascist
    I do respect other people's opinions, I just don't respect religious opinions more than other opinions. You tone seems a bit hostile, but I don't care if people don't act deferential to my belief. I would prefer not to walk on eggshells hoping others don't take offense to mild criticisms of their belief. If someone ridicules my belief they aren't necessarily ridiculing me.

    EDIT: P.S. I responded to you in your DNA thread.
  4. BentWingedAngel
    I try to be "tolerant" of those in org. religions being that it seems to be the last refuge of a lost soul. However I will not tolerate those preeching & judging me.
  5. Ioan
    Unfortunately tolerance never comes back from religion, it only asks for it but it will never bestow it back, we atheist will always be looked upon by the religious people as lost sheep, and as lost souls, so why shouldn't we look at them as lost minds.
  6. Tomfoolery
    I have grown weary and intolerant of religion because I find it intellectually indefensible yet it persists. I am forced to judge religious people harshly. I am of the deepest conviction that if one has taken considerable time to think about God and religion, and one still believes in them, they are not intelligent or brainwashed or delusional. I really see no other logical possibilities. I am hoping in an anti-religion subforum I can be this frank. I refuse to mince words. If you are religious, you are either not bright, delusional or have hit rock bottom (which has a bearing on the other sources of this belief systems).
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