A question to atheists

  1. CLAX1911
    I have really looked into religion, having once been catholic, and speaking on many forums with Christians. It's clear they can't think outside of the bible, well some can, but they are the rare exceptions.

    Essentially I'm being told that the bible is the word of God and because I'm homosexual and god forbade that in Leviticus, he also ordered followers to kill me. So I ask them if they believe I should be killed. Then I see a lot of hemming and hawing and dancing around the issue, and eventually they'll say if we kill you there is no hope for redemption. To wit I respond there is no hope. My sexuality is not something to be redeemed from. Any parts of the bible That say otherwise I completely reject. Still hemming and hawing.Or they simply leave the discussion.

    My question to you atheists and non believers, do they believe this and are just too afraid to admit it? Or do they reject this teaching but wish to not look like they are rejecting the bible?

    What do you think?
  2. Cephus
    The problem for a lot of religious people is that they're stuck between a Bible that very clearly teaches what you've pointed out and a society that will absolutely not allow them to act on that belief. So they have, over time, found ways to rationalize away these beliefs, such that they no longer feel they have to act on the horrific teachings of the Bible but they don't have to just throw them away either. Do they believe it? Probably on some level. Will they ever do anything about it? Of course not. They know they'd spend the rest of their lives behind bars. It's the crazies that both take it seriously and think that they can get away with it that you have to worry about.

    It's a lot easier to just distance yourself from religion entirely. Nobody ought to question you or threaten you or hate you because of your sexuality. Be who you are and let the delusional people remain delusional. Be better than them. It's hard to be much worse.
  3. FieldTheorist
    Like all religious people, their Bible means to them what they want it to. Particularly when people are talking about justifying their actions from the standpoint of Abrahamic religions (particularly Christianity and Islam), the literal text is never strictly followed. In Catholicism, that's explicit. That's the reason there's a Pope --he needs to be the one to divinely interpret the Bible, God's "messages," and so forth.

    But again, most people don't read these texts, they simply think they contain what they want them to contain. If you asked most Christians if they were allowed to, say, eat pork or meat and dairy at the same time or eat shell fish, they'd think the Bible totally allowed this. But the actual verse that explicitly says that it doesn't matter is... less than clear. The same thing with clothing, the Bible says people need to wear a specific kind of clothes or never certain combinations of clothes --those are totally disregarded by every Christian, no matter how pious they are. They ignore it because like scarfing down shrimp or cheeseburgers, they just believe doesn't apply to them. 99.9% couldn't tell you the exact theological arguments for why they should plainly ignore a verse in the Bible --and that's assuming that they even know the verses in Leviticus to begin with.

    So if you ask your modern Christian, "Is homosexuality fine?" the largest answer is "Yeah sure." And if pressed on why it's suddenly okay now, they'll just say things like "Well, it's not a problem now. Those old rules don't apply anymore." And there's usually no deeper level of Biblical interpretation involved for them, because they're making that decision on a personal judgment, not on a ruling from the Bible. You live in Texas, so those rules aren't particularly prevalent, because the strains of religious ideologies in your area are, by modern standards, atypically conservative/traditional. So you should also take your sampling into consideration.
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