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  1. Mr. Zero
    Mr. Zero
    My name is Mr. Zero, I am the president of this group, as Anonymous gains more members on Debate Politics I will be announcing ranks among our group members and/ or supporters. Yes there will be a ranking system that I am currently creating, but as you can see there are hardly enough people in this group as of now to be worrying about a ranking system or a donation box. So your probably wondering why choose this group, and what is Anonymous really? Well let me tell you, Anonymous is a group that believes in civil equality for all, no racism, personal/ political bias is a choice, no bullying, and of course we are a political group so we will be debating politics. But we are also more than that, Anonymous was founded in the late eighteen hundreds in the UK and Italy, Guy Fawkes is the original founder for the Anonymous cause, I will post a link to his biography on Wikipedia, that I have edited for reasons of wrongdoing because there was false information stated in the biography. I am not affiliated with the hacktivist form of our group, I am what they call an Original, I am apart of the group that was shown and talked about in the movie V for Vendetta, yes this movie was fictional but it was a representation of the failed gunpowder plot in the mid sixteen hundreds, with Guy Fawkes and his members of the group called Anonymous attempted to blow up the UK parliament buildings because the government was wildly leaning towards a totalitarian and fascist form. The gunpowder plot was supposed to kill the fascist leaders of the UK, Guy Fawkes was captured and executed for high treason, therefore he was martyred for the Anonymous cause and in the late eighteen hundreds a fully organized Anonymous was founded. There are currently six and a half million Anonymous members world wide. So that's Anonymous for you, I hope this has given you enough information to be able to decide whether or not to join and support our cause.

    Thank you,
    Mr. Zero.
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