And the Saga continues...

  1. oneworld2
    Well , it's happened again just like I didn't want it to

    Around 4 weeks ago the black cat mum showed up again after her disappearing act when I took her kittens but failed to capture her ( so as to neuter ). She looked and was heavily pregnant. Not long after I was alerted by coworkers to a black kitten they had found in a box. It was obviously the place of birth but one kitten ? No , one abandoned kitten I thought. So , learning from past mistakes I arranged for someone who was on their way home to take it to a woman who works in a cat rescue but home cares for really small kittens. Looks like we got to him just in time and he has done fine living with foster family now.

    So far so good but there had to be more kittens somewhere , right ? I mean she was big , too big for just one kitten and we knew she had had 5 last time. The hunt was on. I kept on feeding her and trying to track where she disappeared to afterwards. Not easy in big factory whilst also carrying out your duties but I persisted and that persistence along with a good slice of luck has paid off. I have found the other kittens nursery and fair play to the mum , all things considered , it's a pretty damn good spec she has chosen this time. So much so I have decided to give her more time to rear the kittens due to the safety of their location and their immediate needs and will work out with a local catwoman ( sadly not THE catwoman but hey ) when will be the ideal time to make a move with the aim of capturing mum at the best time to have her immediately neutered to save on the stress and to save those kittens who should be a whole lot more able to survive due to the care and age situation. I will go by what the experts tell me and together , hopefully , we can not only nab the kittens and save them from a feral life but capture and neuter the mum , hopefully ending this cycle once and for all !!

    Got to admit though , when I discovered where those kittens where I was itching to take a closer look so as to count them and suss out how best to move them come the time. So , as their mum was eating I raced over to see what was what and , having lifted up a metal plate, was greeted by 5 absolutely stunning looking but obviously fearful little kitten faces. So beautiful it seriously moved me !! I'm not so sure the first human face they saw ( mine ) engendered a similar response within them but I am sure they will get over the shock lol

    So now it's something of a waiting / planning game and hoping we can acheive the goals set out above, fingers crossed !

    Will update when I can
  2. ecofarm
    Feral cats are essentially rats. Would you save rat babies?
  3. oneworld2
    So far we have managed to turn 5 feral kittens into domesticated kittens that will live domesticated lives with people that will love them and care for them. The plan is to save the other 5 kittens from lives as ferals and all that that entails for them. The other aim is to capture and neuter the mum so as to stop the cycle seeing as she is condemned already to lead a feral life but not so any offspring. So you can smear and criticize, it makes not a bit of difference to me or any actions I will be involved in but you should definitely imo consider whether or not this group is actually the right place for you to be bearing in mind the comments and views you have expressed here.

    As to your question yes I would definitely help baby rats if the situation came about , see it's about life and the value of it. You either value the lives of other creatures or you don't . Imo you probably don't and are using membership of this group as a self serving/promoting PR vessel
  4. oneworld2
    Things change rapidly and for any GENUINE people that are still interested the story goes like this. Other workers discovered the kittens whereabouts and blundered in scaring the mum enough for her to start moving the kittens around. When I arrived on the scene two had been moved and three were still at the original location. I found that the two that were moved had been deposited in a nest I had made previously hoping the mother might give birth there. I gathered the remaining three kittens and put them all together in this nest. The next day they were disturbed again and she started moving them again. I decided that the time had come to remove the kittens before they went awol again. I rescued the three she had not been able to move first. They went to a rehoming vet run cattery/rescue on Wednesday.

    The following day I had the most horrific rescue of the remaining kittens that had been buried behind pallets and put, unwittingly by their mum ,in great peril, lethal peril in fact. I managed over 3 hours of running up my own arse to actually get to them. They went to cat rescuers on Friday and all are doing well

    This will be my last contribution to this group because I think , like most places in this **** hole forum , there is a real lack of decent people

    Have fun carressing those egos
  5. tres borrachos
    tres borrachos
    I'm interested in your updates and am also very glad for the caring you are showing with these kittens. No, they are not like rats. They're cats who were born into a harsh world.

    Please keep posting the updates.
  6. oneworld2
    There is little more to update other tha to say that out of her 11 kittens I have managed to get 10 of them into positions where they will live , not as ferals and the hard world that is , but as domestics with love and care, hopefully

    The first litter 5 kittens , 4 actually rehomed and sadly one passing away after a couple of days of life having been half the size of the others

    Second litter 6 kittens all too young at the moment to be rehomed but all with rehoming groups and being lovingly cared for

    Today I caught the mum cat and she is to be neutered tomorrow alonng with a full health check with a view to releasing her at my place of work when she has recovered a little ( toop wild for domestic life ) and I will carry on feeding and looking out for her in the future

    That's where we are up to and all things considered something of an unexpectedly decent outcome after many trials and tribulations , twists and turns

    Thx for reading
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